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Bacti-Bio 1100


Bacti-Bio 1100 is a liquid concentrate composed of multiple select microbial cultures designed to produce specific enzymes to aid in the digestion of crude petroleum and other hydrocarbons. In addition to specific enzymes, several of the cultures create their own biosurfactants to aid in emulsifying oils. Biodegradable surfactants are also included in the formulation. The end product of Bacti-Bio 1100 digestion is fatty acids which may be composted or safely disposed of.

Bacti-Bio 1100 is a light tan solution with an approximate 1.0 specific gravity. The selected cultures contained in Bacti-Bio 1100 are naturally occurring and nonpathogenic. The operating pH range of the formulation is 5.0 to 9.0 with the optimum pH being 6.5 to 7.5. The operating temperature range is 77 to 113 F (25 to 55 C) with the optimum temperature being around 86 F (30 C).

Although not all inclusive, the following list describes some of the intended uses for Bacti-Bio 1100:

1. Hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation

Treatment of fluids from cleanup of:

  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation
  • Treatment of fluids from cleanup of:
    a. Machine shop floors
    b. Auto/truck repair garage floors
    c. Auto/truck washes
    d. Parts washer residues
  • Ship bilge discharge cleanup
  • Petrochemical processing sludges
  • Oil spill residual remediation

Bacti-Bio 1100 may be stored at normal room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Storage in a cool, dry place is recommended.


55 gallon drums  
5 gallon pails  
bulk totes  
tank car.  

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