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Bacti-Bio 1100G


Bacti-Bio 1100G is a granular concentrate composed of 10 synergistic strains of nonpathogenic bacteria and molds designed to digest crude petroleum, creosote, phenols, paraffins, and other aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition to hydrocarbon-specific enzymes, several of the cultures create their own biosurfactants to aid in emulsifying the oils. The cultures in Bacti-Bio 1100G are primarily vegetative and require aerobic conditions.

Bacti-Bio 1100G is a medium tan colored powder. The selected cultures contained in Bacti-Bio 1100G are naturally occurring and nonpathogenic. The operating pH range of the formulation is 6.0 to 9.0 with the optimum pH being 7.5. The operating temperature range is 77 to 113 F (25 to 55 C) with the optimum temperature being around 86 F (30 C). Bacti-Bio 1100G contains at least 2 billion CFU's per gram. These granular cultures will work faster and more efficiently if they are reactivated in clean, lukewarm water for 30 to 45 minutes before application.

The success of any biological treatment program is dependent on the existence of favorable operating conditions and practices. Monitoring is required throughout the period of microbial treatment to ensure that such conditions and practices are maintained. The amount and frequency of treatment is specific to each individual biological treatment application. The specifics of each situation should be analyzed in detail before designing a corrective program. Specifics should incude at least the following if applicable:
Size of the treatment plant
Volume and flow of wastewater to be treated
Retention time
Profile of wastewater to be treated: BOD, COD, TSS, TPH, TOG, pH, temperature, chemical components including heavy metals
Required standards of treatment to be achieved
Desired time frame for achieving standard of treatment

The treatment program will generally involve a heavier startup dose, possibly administered over a period of days, and a maintenance dose. In some instances with complex waste streams the use of a combination of Bacti Bio formulations or a unique formulation may be recommended to obtain the best results.

Determination of the optimum maintenance dose is usually accomplished in the field by reducing the amount or frequency of the dose gradually until deterioration in performance is noted. The most recent preceding effective dose rate is noted and maintained until conditions or standards change necessitating a change in the treatment program.

Although not comprehensvie, the following list describes some of the intended uses for Bacti-Bio 1100G:

  • To establish an efficient, cost effective biomass resistant to toxic shock in aerobic waste treatment plants receiving effluents from the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • To improve the quality of wastewater effluent by increasing the rate of BOD/COD degradation.
  • To improve color removal from dye, printing and textile plant effluents.
  • To accelerate the processes of biodegradation in aerobic biological wastewater treatment systems by increasing the performance of the biomass and allowing greater loading to be treated at the facility.
  • To remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil
  • To directly treat effluent from cleanup of:
    a. Machine shop floors
    b. Auto/truck repair garage floors
    c. Auto/truck washes
    d. Parts washer residues
  • To directly treat ship bilge discharges
  • To directly treat petrochemical processing sludges
  • To directly treat residuals from oils spills on water
  • To directly treat wood preservative wastes

Bacti-Bio 1100G may be stored at normal room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Storage in a cool, dry place is recommended. Product will remain stable for 24 to 36 months under recommended storage conditions.


90 kg fiber drums  

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