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Bacti-Bio 5000

  Bacti-Bio 5000 utilizes the powerful waste digesting properties of natural enzymes and microbes. It contains a special blend of microbial strains cultured for their ability to digest and liquify organic sewage - quickly, efficiently, with minimized odors! These potent microbes are combined with natural enzymes which serve as catalysts to immediately break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and cellulose.

  Treated systems will reduce BOD and COD faster and more efficiently, enabling the system to treat higher volumes of waste and meet stringent effluent quality requirements. This product will help the treatment system resist temporary disruptions caused by toxic influent, while reducing odors and sludge volume. Digestion will be more complete and create less volume and easier dewatering.  

  Bacti-Bio 5000 will establish thriving colonies of waste specific microbes in ship sewage treatment systems. Regular applications are necessary to replenish the supply of beneficial microbes and minimize the growth of unwanted microbes that produce odors and noxious gas.

  Bacti-Bio 5000 is formulated as a maintenance strength product with at least 900 million C.F.U.'s per gram. Different strength formulations may be produced to meet customer specifications. Regular use will keep systems running smoothly under normal conditions. Temporary upsets or chronic overloading should be treated by doubling the label dose of Bacti-Bio 5000.


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