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Lakezyme GR

  LAKEZYME GR utilizes the powerful waste digesting properties of microbes and enzymes to improve water quality. It contains a synergistic blend of multiple specific purpose microbial strains selected for their ability to overproduce enzymes and to consume organic wastes found in lakes, ponds, lagoons and aquaculture. LAKEZYME GR will eliminate surface scum, sludge build-up and bad odors. Utilization of nutrients by the microbes will make it difficult for algae to sustain growth. LAKEZYME GR will create a healthier environment for fish, allowing for a more productive yield and reduced mortality. Some species of fish will use the by-products of microbial digestion as a protein-rich food source.

  LAKEZYME GR is a proprietary blend of more than six select facultative and aerobic microbial cultures that are effective across a wide range of substrates. The microbes in LAKEZYME GR produce various enzymes needed in the lake, pond and aquaculture environment, including: (1) Amylase to digest starch, (2) Protease to digest proteins, (3) Cellulase to digest cellulose, (4) Ligninase to break down lignin, (5) Xylanase to break down xylan, (6) Pectinase to degrade pectin, (7) Lipase to degrade animal fat, and (8) Keratinase to digest wool and hair substrates. In addition, LAKEZYME GR contains additional protease and lipase for faster activity and a buffering agent.

  LAKEZYME GR microbial cultures actively grow at temperatures of 25 -45 C (77 -113 F). They also grow well under most pH (pH 4.5-8.5) conditions. Although LAKEZYME GR contains some microbial strains which are facultative and will work under anaerobic conditions, some of the strains require aerobic conditions. Aeration will always speed microbial digestion and make the entire metabolic process more efficient.

  For best results, dissolve LAKEZYME GR in water taken from the body of water being treated and allow to sit for a period of 1 to 4 hours before applying. Determine amount of water needed to accomplish coverage depending on the surface being treated. Spray dissolved product over the surface of the water with a fire hose apparatus or pour at points of aeration and around perimeter. LAKEZYME GR may be applied without dissolving in water if field conditions dictate. Acclimation and full activity levels will be accomplished, but at a slower rate without dissolving. Rubber gloves and eye goggles are always recommended to protect against potential irritation when applying products by spray or when splashing is likely.

  LAKEZYME GR has up to a 5 year shelf life if the container is not opened. Store the product at temperatures between 10 -40 C (50 -104 F). Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures or high humidity.

  LAKEZYME GR is available in 30 pound pails, and 100 pound fiber drums.


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