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Exclusive 3-Way Product for Eliminating  Healthcare Odors and Stains 

  Medi Zyme is a ready to use formula which destroys odors and stains naturally.  The plant essence oil component neutralizes odors on contact and penetrates porous surfaces.  The friendly microbe and enzyme component consists of more than 7 synergistic strains which digest the source of organic odors.  The super strength, plant-based surfactant component removes stains. 

  Use Medi Zyme as a cleaner in hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, and home healthcare to eliminate all organic odors including urine, feces, vomit, tissue decay, and mold..  Medi Zyme may be sprayed directly on porous suraces such as carpeting and draperies.  Medizyme may also be sprayed directly on hard surfaces such as around urinals and toilets and in wastebaskets and compactors.

  Medi Zyme is certified biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems (Green Cross).

22 ounce sprayer 12 to a case
32 ounce refill 12 to a case
1 gallon refill 4 to a case

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