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  Nutri-Bio�5000 is a patented complex formulation designed to promote emulsification and natural biodegradation of oils found in ship bilge water. Microbes capable of degrading motor oils, diesel fuel, gasoline, and grease are commonly found in most bodies of fresh water and salt water. If sufficient quantities of oxygen and nutrients are present a natural biodegradation process will take place which ultimately converts oil residues to carbon dioxide and water.

  Biodegradable surfactants in Nutri-Bio�5000 emulsify and adhere to oil molecules to make them more available to microbes. Organic and inorganic nutrients and several easily metabolized carbon sources in Nutri-Bio�5000 rapidly increase the populations of natural microbial hydrocarbon degraders. Natural enzymes contained in Nutri-Bio�5000 catalyze biodegradation. Lack of oxygen may be a limiting factor to biodegradation if circulation and aeration are not sufficient.

  Nutri-Bio�5000 is not flammable or corrosive and will not cause rusting. The concentrated product is not toxic to aquatic life. Nutri-Bio�5000 is derived from Nutri-Bio 1000�, a product formerly listed on the U.S. EPA's National Contingency Plan Product Schedule for use on oil spills on water.

  Regular use of this product will eliminate the build-up that forms inside bilge water tanks and clean oil from the bilge. Nutri-Bio�5000 may also be used in conjunction with Bacti-Bio 1100 for complete degradation of oils if oxygenation is provided.

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