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Oxy Bio


For Industrial Effluent Treatment

  • Controls odor and corrosion
  • Rapid reaction rate
  • Adds dissolved oxygen and has residual action
  • Oxidizes dissolved sulfides to elemental sulfur or sulfate
  • Creates aerobic conditions and removes dissolved sulfides
  • Add at pump stations or to main line, wet wells, lagoons, etc.

OXY BIO is completely soluble, dust free, and releases hydrogen peroxide as it dissolves giving it a time release neutralization of sulfides and slow addition of oxygen to the system.

The presence of sulfides, liberating gaseous hydrogen sulfide, is responsible for many odor and corrosion problems. These are caused by industrial wastes containing sulfides, those generated by bacterial action, detergents containing sulfates and human wastes. Sulfides are toxic to most aerobic organisms, aquatic life and to humans. Sulfide gases are extremely corrosive in that they generate sulfuric acid from the bacterial oxidation of H2S. It attacks concrete pipes and other equipment. The "rotten eggs" odor of hydrogen sulfide is objectionable even in concentrations of 0.1 ppm in air. With a threshold odor of 0.001 mg/l, hydrogen sulfide ranks as one of the most odorous gases.

The presence of oxygen is essential for satisfactory biological purification. When the amount of available oxygen is insufficient to insure purification, it is usually due to: a) increase in temperature of the oxidation pond reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen; or b) oxygen being consumed at a rapid rate due to proliferation of algae; c) purification plant capacity being over loaded; or d) sudden rise in organic loading.

The addition of a peroxygen compound such as OXY BIO makes it possible to supply the additional oxygen required, as well as to add alkalinity to the system. It can also be used for deodorizing sludge.

OXY BIO contains 13% available oxygen, equivalent to a 27% solution of hydrogen peroxide. This product presents no effluent problems as it decomposes into water, oxygen and soda ash.

Normally one (1) part peroxide will destroy one (1) part sulfide. For best results, a determination of soluble sulfide levels is recommended. Begin with a 1:1 ratio of OXY BIO to sulfide. Gradually increase OXY BIO levels until results are obtained. For severe odor conditions, a shock dosage of 3:1 may be necessary for initial elimination of odors, then gradually decreased until optimum dosage levels for control are determined.

OXY BIO destroys hydrogen sulfide by chemical oxidation. The odor is eliminated and the sulfides are prevented from forming corrosive sulfuric acid, thereby reducing corrosion in the lines.

An added benefit is the antibacterial activity of OXY BIO. OXY BIO at 750 ppm will destroy 99.99% of streptococcus faecalis within ten minutes at 40 C, within twenty minutes at 25 C.

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